Non-Court Options

Problem Solving: Out-of-Court Options Court is not the only way to solve problems in difficult family situations. Parents can save a ton of money and avoid a ton of stress by pursuing out-of-court options. Those that can make decisions without undue influence should consider these options before filing a court application: Informal Meetings Parents that… Continue reading Non-Court Options

Emergency Protection Orders

What is an Emergency Protection Order? An Emergency Protection Order (“EPO”) is a tool designed to help victims of family violence. By obtaining an EPO, the alleged abuser (the “Respondent”) is legally prevented from contacting the victim (the “Claimant”) and from being anywhere near the Claimant for a set period of time. An EPO can… Continue reading Emergency Protection Orders

I don’t want to share

“You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” Sharing is an important skill that is required to function in society. If a child does not learn how to share, take turns or compromise, the child will struggle in social situations. The child will likely have very few, if any, friends. When disagreements arise, the… Continue reading I don’t want to share

Drafting Parenting Orders – Christmas Edition

It is important to have a clearly worded court order specifying your regular parenting time and shared holidays. In high conflict situations, it is extremely important to use precise wording that will not leave any room for interpretation. A poorly worded order can lead to unnecessary conflict between parents. For Christmas, parents usually share the… Continue reading Drafting Parenting Orders – Christmas Edition

Collecting Information for a Family Law Matter

If you are planning to hire a lawyer for your family law matter, you should begin working on collecting supporting information as soon as possible. Depending on your situation, you should be prepared to provide the following background information and documents: By having the above information together without being prompted, the process of working with… Continue reading Collecting Information for a Family Law Matter

Tips for Lower Legal Fees

To avoid a surprisingly high legal bill it is in your best interest to inquire about your new lawyers billing practices before you start working with them. Some lawyers charge for each and every email and others only charge for the emails they used to work on your file. Knowing how your lawyer bills will… Continue reading Tips for Lower Legal Fees