Christmas Parenting Time

Christmas Parenting Time Families that celebrate Christmas want to share the holiday with their children. Christmas holidays are loaded with exciting times and traditions. It’s a holiday filled with Christmas movies and music, decorations, Christmas trees, presents, baked goods and traditional meals enjoyed with loved ones. Christmas is even more magical for families with young children.… Continue reading Christmas Parenting Time

Halloween Parenting Time

Halloween Parenting Time Families with Halloween traditions want to share them with their kids. Some families carve pumpkins, decorate, bake spooky treats, make costumes, visit haunted houses and go trick-or-treating in their community. Halloween is full of fun memories (and candy) for children. After separation, parents want their children to spend Halloween with them to… Continue reading Halloween Parenting Time

Supervised Visits

Supervised Visits In some parenting situations, one parent withholds the child from the other parent for reasons related to family violence, substance abuse issues, inappropriate discipline, inadequate parenting skills or neglect, lack of parenting experience or other significant concerns. In other situations, the child is withheld as a control tactic to dictate and control the other… Continue reading Supervised Visits

Emergency Protection Orders

Emergency Protection Orders – The Basics   An Emergency Protection Order (“EPO”) is a tool designed to help victims of family violence. By obtaining an EPO, the alleged abuser (the “Respondent”) is legally prevented from contacting the victim (the “Claimant”) and from being anywhere near the Claimant for a set period of time. An EPO… Continue reading Emergency Protection Orders

School Supplies

Which parent buys the school supplies? School supplies are usually not a section 7 expense. In parenting situations where one parent has day-to-day care of the child and the other parent pays child support, the child support should be sufficient to help cover the routine costs of supplies. If the school supplies are above average… Continue reading School Supplies