Uninvolved Parents

You can’t force someone to be a parent. It does not matter how much effort you put into facilitating the other parents time or how much effort you put into “making it easy” for the other parent to be involved. In order for the other parent to succeed, they must be willing to put in… Continue reading Uninvolved Parents

Parental Alienation

What do I if I suspect my children are being alienated against me? Parental alienation is when one parent attempts to turn the child against the other parent. Parental alienation involves a series of deliberate steps aimed at sabotaging the child’s relationship with the other parent. This can be accomplished by speaking negatively about the… Continue reading Parental Alienation

Children’s Possessions

Should a childs possessions be allowed to travel between both parents households? At the breakdown of a relationship, parents establish their own households separate and apart from their former spouse. The children then travel between both households to spend time with each parent. Sometimes parents are unable to agree on whether or not the child… Continue reading Children’s Possessions

Children’s Cellphones

A child’s cellphone often gives parents something to fight about. Parents often disagree on who should pay the bill, who should pay to replace the phone if it is lost, stolen or broken, when the child should have access to the device, how much time the child should be allowed to spend on the device,… Continue reading Children’s Cellphones

Relocation Disputes

What happens when one parent wants to move with the children and the other parent does not agree? Relocation disputes arise when one parent wants to move and the other parent does not want the children to move to that location. The parent disputing the move may request that the children remain in their primary… Continue reading Relocation Disputes

Subpar Parenting

When parents are unable to work together to make a child-orientated decision, they often end up in family court fighting over routine parenting decisions instead of actual legal issues. Judges have the ability to dictate parenting schedules, divide decision-making responsibilities and make any other decisions as they deem fit. Unfortunately, a court order cannot force… Continue reading Subpar Parenting