Drafting Parenting Orders – Christmas Edition

Drafting Parenting Orders – Christmas Edition  It is important to have a clearly worded court order specifying your regular parenting time and shared holidays. In high conflict situations, it is extremely important to use precise wording that will not leave any room for interpretation. A poorly worded order can lead to unnecessary conflict between parents.… Continue reading Drafting Parenting Orders – Christmas Edition

Requesting Extra Time

Does your co-parent ask for extra time…. all of the time? Do not deny the request simply because your co-parent is trying to include your child in plans that are scheduled during your time. Your decision should only be based on what is best for your child. You canít control your co-parent or dictate when… Continue reading Requesting Extra Time

Communication Problems

At the breakdown of a relationship, many parents experience difficulty attempting to communicate with each other. In hostile situations, parents are usually instructed to only communicate with each other in writing and limited to specific topics. Parents may be forced to communicate to make arrangements to spend time with the child or to exchange information… Continue reading Communication Problems