What is the Edmonton Family Network?

The Edmonton Family Network is a support network designed to provide referrals to people within our community that need legal assistance and community support services. We recommend service providers based on our personal and professional knowledge and based on our interactions with service providers. We determine each persons goals and expectations then we provide recommends for service providers best suited to help.

How do we determine suitability?

Some of the aspects that determine suitability include:

a.) quality of work provided;
b.) costs for services;
c.) workload and availability;
d.) consistency of communication; and,
e.) personality / approachability.

Our goal is to match you with the best resources available based on your unique situation. We have knowledge that you will not find on Google!

How does this work?

Send us an email providing the following information:

⁃ Your full name;
⁃ Your children’s names and ages;
⁃ Details of your situation; and,
⁃ Your goals for resolution.

We will review your email then we will provide you with recommendations. If we need more information, our team will email you or we can schedule a call.

Can I recommend a service provider?

If you have an exceptional service provider to nominate, please let us know and we may add them to our list of recommended service providers.

How does the Edmonton Family Network Make Money?

We are a not-for-profit group of volunteers. We do not charge our service providers for referrals because it would undermine the purpose of the project. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide unbiased recommendations.