Opportunity Alert: Paralegal Academy

What is a paralegal?

Paralegals are “non-lawyer” legal professionals that usually work in law firms.

Paralegals are usually the most experienced “support staff” that lawyers have on their team. Paralegals are the “go-to” people in law firms for writing letters, drafting documents, filling out forms, submitting search requests, conducting legal research, filing documents at the courthouse or other places such as land titles offices.

Junior paralegals are often called “Legal Assistants” until they hit three to five years of work experience. Legal Assistants usually start out doing law firm administration work like filing paperwork, answering phones, scheduling appointments, setting up board rooms for meetings, and relaying messages from lawyers to their clients either by phone or email, so that the client is always in the loop about what’s going on with their file. The responsibilities that are placed on a junior paralegal usually increase in importance and complexity as the legal assistant proves their knowledge, skills and abilities.

An average day in the life of a paralegal could include collecting information by interviewing people, taking notes in meetings or phone calls, writing memorandums, drafting court documents and looking up supporting decisions in online databases like CanLii. There is no single job description that applies to all paralegal job positions because it varies from firm to firm, and from area of law to area of law.

Want to become a paralegal?

Your Motivation Starts Here!

Elmar Samuel Paralegal Academy could be the stepping stone you’ve been waiting for to access or be a part of a growing industry. Their online program was designed to help you gain an above average understanding of the substantive nature and workings of the laws that govern us. By completing their program, you could “learn the ropes” and gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a paralegal.

Whether your motivation is personal, academic or professional, Elmar Samuel Paralegal Academy is a great option to help you achieve your ambitious goal of becoming a paralegal. Elmar Samuel Paralegal Academy launched an extremely affordable online training program that could be completed in as little as 32 weeks. The program is truly one of a kind. Check it out and submit your application: click here

Final Thoughts

The Edmonton Family Network was designed to be used as a resource to anyone dealing with a difficult family situation. The Edmonton Family Network is familiar with the current limitations of the legal system and the barriers many people face trying to access and afford legal services. Paralegals play a key role in creating affordable access to justice. Elmar Samuel Paralegal Academy is on a mission to create more “high quality” paralegals that have the training they need to help meet the growing demand. When law firms have quality staff, they are able to provide quality service to more people for less costs.

Edmonton Family Network has connections to legal professionals and community support services.

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