Brrr-ing on the Fun with These Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids!

Make Your Winter Parenting Time Count

It’s a chilly winter day, but that doesn’t mean you and your kids have to stay indoors! With the right gear and attitude, there are plenty of fun outdoor winter activities for kids to enjoy in the cold weather. So bundle up and come along as we explore some creative ways to keep them entertained outdoors during this winter season.

Set up Bird Feeders

What better way to entice birds into your outdoor space than with a cozy bird feeder? This will help keep the birds fed and allow your kids to observe wildlife in the comfort of their backyard. Plus, it gives them a sense of responsibility as they get responsible for refilling the feeders and replenishing birdseed.

Frozen Bubbles

Make outdoor playtime magical with this simple winter activity! Take some bubble solution, head outdoors on a cold day, and watch your tiny bubbles instantly freeze into fragile orbs. These frozen bubbles won’t last long, so make sure you take lots of pictures before they melt away!

Snow Painting

When life gives you snow, you make outdoor art! Turn your outdoor space into a giant art studio by allowing kids to color the snow with food-grade dyes or watercolors. This is a great way to get their creative juices flowing and show off their outdoor masterpieces!

Build a Snowman

No winter outdoor activity list would be complete without the classic snowman-building event. With just three snowballs, some coal, and whatever else you have, your kids can create a snow friend to keep them company during outdoor playtime.


You’re not doing winter properly if you don’t go sledding. Tobogganing is one of the best activities for kids of all ages. Not sure where to go in the City of Edmonton? Click here to discover the best hills near you.

Final Thoughts

Whether setting up birdfeeders, painting the snow, tobogganing or building a snowman, outdoor winter activities for kids are a great way to keep them entertained during the colder months. So spend some quality time with your family and explore all the outdoor fun this season offers!

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