Edmonton Family Network

We are no strangers to high conflict separations, protection concerns or difficult parenting situations. The Edmonton Family Network was created to be used as a resource for anyone dealing with a difficult family law matter. The Edmonton Family Network is familiar with the current limitations of the legal system and the ​barriers many people face trying to access and afford legal services. ​

Bailey Curtis, Paralegal

Bailey Curtis is a Family Law Paralegal & Certified Legal Coach and the founder of the Edmonton Family Network.

Bailey graduated from her Paralegal program in 2014 and has been working exclusively under the supervision of family law lawyers since 2015. Bailey understands the barriers to accessing justice with an underfunded Legal Aid system and the high upfront fees needed to hire a lawyer. Bailey aims to be part of the solution by making information accessible and by connecting people with exceptional service providers.

Bailey is a legal coach for parents trying to navigate high-conflict situations. With an emphasis is on reasonable goal setting and conflict reduction strategies, her methods are designed for a positive outcome. Bailey can’t provide legal advice and recommends speaking with a lawyer for legal advice. The Edmonton Family Network has connections to lawyers that can give legal advice whenever needed.

The Edmonton Family Network has connections to affordable legal service providers and community support services. Our mission is to educate and connect people with resources.