about us

We connect parents with the best service providers in Edmonton.

The Edmonton Family Network is a platform designed for people in need of lawyers, paralegals, and community support services. We are highly driven to offer our clientele exceptional services by listening to their needs and providing them with the information of local services that can assist them with legal, financial, and parenting support.

Founded by a team of legal professionals in Edmonton, we screened lawyers and paralegals to provide honest referrals. We are aware of lawyers’ charges, weaknesses, strengths, and what to expect while working with them; a knowledge that we leverage in helping our clients make informed decisions. In addition, we link up parents who are on a budget with the best paralegals to help with their cases.

Through various community services, parents can have access to food banks, shelter, clothing, household items, parenting classes, counseling, and much more. Our aim is to make an impact on the lives of others by giving them an opportunity to fight for their rights and survive through any hardship. Contact our team for guidance.

Our Services

Lawyer Referrals

We refer you to the right lawyer based on your needs.


We can connect you to paralegals as a cost effective alternative to lawyers.

Parenting Resources

We can connect you with community resources to help your family thrive.