Benefits of Hiring a Paralegal

What is a Paralegal?

Paralegals and lawyers play an essential role in the legal system. The main difference between their job duties comes down to their ability to give legal advice and involvement in the courtroom. Paralegals cannot give legal advice. Paralegals are on the side lines preparing cases, compiling reports, organizing and filing paperwork. Only can give legal advice and provide court representation.

A paralegal is a person who is educated and trained and has experience in law. A lawyer, law office, establishment, legislative agency, or other entity retains paralegals who perform specifically delegated practical legal work for which a lawyer is responsible. Some paralegals fly solo and provide services directly to the public. Working with a paralegal is a smart move if your finances are limited and if you are not comfortable navigating the court system alone.

The benefits of hiring a paralegal:

Paralegals are affordable 

Lawyers will charge you more. Hiring a paralegal is the best option to get the paperwork done without draining your bank account. Lawyers will charge you their high hourly rates, whereas most paralegals have a much lower hourly rate or flat fee, making them more cost-effective.

Paralegals are experienced

Paralegals are experienced in the services they offer. Independent paralegals usually start off working under the supervision of a lawyer for decades before they begin providing services to the public.

Paralegals offer a personalized experience 

Finding a lawyer that is not busy can problematic because lawyers tend to have many clients and deadlines. Lawyers with cheaper fees often have more clients and less time. This can make it impossible to get help quickly. On the other hand, paralegals tend to offer services quicker and in a more accommodating manner.

Paralegals specialize in an area of law 

Paralegals tend to only have experience in one or two areas of law. This means that if you need help with a family law matter, you will need to find a family law paralegal. If you need help with a different area of law, you will need to find a paralegal trained in that area.

Paralegals are flexible and friendly 

Paralegals are known for being friendly, unlike many of the lawyers that employ them. Paralegals act as a buffer between grumpy lawyers and anxious clients. Paralegals that are independent usually have exceptional people skills and are usually willing to meet their clients after hours, weekends and holidays.

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