Requesting Extra Time

Does your co-parent ask for extra time…. all of the time?

Do not deny the request simply because your co-parent is trying to include your child in plans that are scheduled during your time. Your decision should only be based on what is best for your child.

You can’t control your co-parent or dictate when plans should fit into their schedule. You need to recognize that sometimes things come up and there might be various commitments that prevent your co-parent from keeping all plans in line with their parenting schedule. An event hosted by a third party or organization may not give your co-parent the ability to pick the dates and times.

It can be frustrating if your co-parent tends to make a lot of requests. You might feel like your co-parent does not respect your schedule or your time with the child. However, you need to consider first, and above everything else, how the request impacts the overall well-being of your child. If your child will be safe or benefit from the activity, you should find a way to accommodate the request.

Failing to allow your child to attend a birthday party, a family reunion, a concert or any other activity can be harmful to your child. When you refuse to facilitate a request, you are potentially putting your child in an uncomfortable situation whenever the event is mentioned around them in the future. Your child may feel excluded or left out for no fault of their own.

There is no way around it:

For most requests, it is in your child’s best interest for you to find a way to put aside your feelings and be flexible. You have the power to be a positive role model and demonstrate resiliency. Do not screw it up!

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