This parent will refuse to buy anything that the other parent will provide for the child.

Case study #1

The Cheapskate parent has specified parenting time and pays section 3 child support. The Cheapskate demands that the other parent provide a bag full of clothing, formula, diapers, toys, snacks and anything else that child may need during the Cheapskate’s parenting time. The Cheapskate believes that the child support they paid should cover everything needed for the child in both households.

Case study #2

The Cheapskate neglects buying anything the other parent will purchase during their parenting time. The Cheapskate will not contribute to the child’s cellphone bill even when the Cheapskate directly benefits from the device. The Cheapskate will not buy a Halloween costume, will not replace shoes with holes in the bottom or clothing that are small and uncomfortable for the child. The Cheapskate will confirm a birthday party during the other parent’s time then exchange the child shortly before the party without a present. The Cheapskate is not experiencing financial hardship; it is a deliberate choice not to spend money on the child.