Non-Court Options

Problem Solving: Out-of-Court Options Court is not the only way to solve problems in difficult family situations. Parents can save a ton of money and avoid a ton of stress by pursuing out-of-court options. Those that can make decisions without undue influence should consider these options before filing a court application: Informal Meetings Parents that… Continue reading Non-Court Options

Drafting Parenting Orders – Christmas Edition

It is important to have a clearly worded court order specifying your regular parenting time and shared holidays. In high conflict situations, it is extremely important to use precise wording that will not leave any room for interpretation. A poorly worded order can lead to unnecessary conflict between parents. For Christmas, parents usually share the… Continue reading Drafting Parenting Orders – Christmas Edition

Benefits of Hiring a Paralegal

What is a Paralegal? Paralegals and lawyers play an essential role in the legal system. The main difference between their job duties comes down to their ability to give legal advice and involvement in the courtroom. Paralegals cannot give legal advice. Paralegals are on the side lines preparing cases, compiling reports, organizing and filing paperwork.… Continue reading Benefits of Hiring a Paralegal

Becoming a Paralegal

Many schools in Alberta offer paralegal or legal assistant programs. Students are led on to believe that by completion of the program, they will be easily hired out of school and will be paid well in the profession. One school, in particular, bragged to potential candidates that 80% of their students were employed after graduation.… Continue reading Becoming a Paralegal